Hello I'm a product design student and I can't find an idea to work on for my next project can anyone suggest like a problematic or something?


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Are you asking about any item? How about designing a dog crate where the door can slide back and out of the way when open. I leave mine open so the dogs can go lie down during the day, but the doors stick out and often get closed from being bumped into. And my dogs crates are large. They are 42 inches long by 28 inches wide and 30 inches high. The open doors stick out another 20 inches. If the doors could slide down the side and out f the way it would give more walking room and my dogs wouldn't be shut out of their crates during the day.

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Mitsuki Chan
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thanks for your answer ...... yet the theme i'm working on is interculturality ..... so the product must include that !
Still i liked the dog cater idea .... i may one day work on it !
PJ Stein
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I and other dog owners would appreciate it.
Mitsuki Chan
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