Do you have any signed books?


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The Merlin Trilogy signed by Mary Stewart.

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Didge Doo
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The first two are "The Crystal Cave" and "The Hollow Hills". My son talked me into reading the first one when he was still at school. He's 55 now so that was a while ago, but I still love them.
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Just to let you know I saw this, Dozy
Virginia Lou
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Everybody gone to bed Dozy...midnight in PA with the Hippy, and the East Coast...11 PM Central time, for Happy and such; but only 9 PM for me here in Tenino!
I see it is coming up on 2 PM tomorrow afternoon for you...
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Hi Roy Roy,

I have a book I like a is the Nobel Prize winning physicist Erwin Schödinger's little book What Is Life?

Schrödinger had a life-long passion for Hinduism, and would go off to India to have done several of those great physicists. So, WHAT IS LIFE speculates that individual consciousness is only a manifestation of a unitary consciousness pervading the universe. 

And, James Watson claimed that Schrödinger's book gave him the inspiration to study the gene, leading of course to discovery of the DNA double helix.

* * *

Well, my little book is signed by its original owner, a physicist (prolly now long deceased) in a major university. I speculate how much that fellow might have loved that book and I treasure it even more.

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I have the witcher books all signed by Andrzej Sapkowski

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I have two Dean Koontz books that he signed for me. Great author, great books.

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So many ! I personally liked : Sole Survivor and 77 Shadow Street. His Frankenstein series is also good. If you can find Phantoms, that's a good one also. Along with most of his Odd Thomas series.
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ty...putting them on my wonderful now, only two blocks from the library!
Rooster Cogburn
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I live about a block from our library and love walking up there.
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I do not have any books signed by their authors however I do have a book signed...... When my husbands Grandpa (AKA my Grandpa) was in the hospital for the last time, I asked him to sign my Bible for me. Then I wrote a note in it stating the message he said to Jr (who unfortunately will not remember him cuz he is too young). Grandpa passed away a couple weeks later. But I am honored I had that moment with him and Jr.

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I have four different books that were signed. Neither were signed by their respective authors though. In fact, they used to be library books and they still have the previous "owners" of the books on a paper stuck on the back cover, hahah.

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Do yearbooks count?

( I though I had one on the selected writings of Socrates, but I can't find it off hand.)

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