What does Dorothy take with her when she leaves the Wicked Witch’s castle?


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Her burned old useless broom stick.

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The silk dress that she was wearing.

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I don't think she took anything 

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The broom stick of the witch. At least in the movie. The wizard told her to get the broom of the witch if she wanted his help getting home. Dorthy said, " but I will have to kill her to get that!"

At the castle of the witch, after being captured. So the witch lit her broom ( the straw end ) on fire and lit the scarecrow on fire. Dorthy took a bucket of water and threw it on the scarecrow's burning arm and put it out, but the water hit the witch and she melted. So Dorthy took the broom stick back to the wizard. 

You have to read the book or see the movie to know what happened next.

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