Think of an image of someone or something you love. Who or what do you see? What is the setting? Are they doing something special?


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I close my eyes and see the love of my life, sitting on the arm of a chair, gazing out the window, getting wet nose prints on the window. She tilts her head, gives it a shake and says woof woof.

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My oldest pic and item in my home. A toddler picture of me when I was 18 months sitting on a big block with a ball in my hand pointing at something. I'm  taking a picture I have that picture right here and I look at it every single day.😊 I love this picture of me.

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Dear Happy Two,

Was just thinking today...a dear friend, my age and married 22 years to a woman who for psychological reasons (Aspergers?) is unable to reciprocate his love for her. At first he did all in his power to draw forth her just a dogged hanging on and caring for her through her daily, unpredictable temper explosions...

Around the beautiful creekside home he built for her, in green Washington prairies, among the marvelous wildlife is this splendorous hawk, the northern harrier...I see this wild free bird and think of their tragic love story.

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HappyTo BeHereTo
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Oh dear Virginia. Your story has touched me deeply. My stepfather is fading into his private world of dementia. I won't go further here, but your image resonates.
I must sign off to try to sleep before Mr. Happy's appointment tomorrow. I wish I could stay and share more.
Goodnight my friend!!!
Virginia Lou
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Goodnight Dear Happy

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