What's your favorite romantic song?


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Jaimie JT answered

This one !!! It may not seem romantic but if I ever find someone who dances like the guy in this video he can keep my heart foreva !!! That's romantical ;p

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That is hard to answer considering most songs are romantic in nature.

I would choose an upbeat happy song about love, but based on my observations its pretty touch for some.

So I am going to pick

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Jaimie  JT
Jaimie JT commented
Cool song :) I'd never heard it before ... That's very Unbot ' of you ,p
Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
So lovely John McCann...well known to me from long ago...
John McCann
John McCann commented
@Jaimie JT

Of course you never heard it before. That song is older than you are and comes from a time when musicians played actual instruments and sang!
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Hopeless Love by Jimin Park


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Dear Megan GoodGirl,

Well I feel sure that ANY authentic collection of truly romantic songs must always include this title, JOY TO THE WORLD, sung by the Three Dog Night...

Oh-h-h-h...I think I need more lessons from Rooster cogburn...

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Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Amazing song.

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