Who is your favorite author? Stephen King is mine. He has been the cause of about 90% of all my nightmares.....LOVE that man!!


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Stephen King is great! Dean R. Koontz is another author whose books I enjoy.

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
I'm not a huge fan of Dean Koontz. I have read a few of his though. Bentley Little is great, he's almost as creepy as Stephen King. Joe Hill is another favorite.....he's actually Stephen King's son.
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I have so many ! I'll list a few.

Dean Koontz

Stephen Coonts

Vince Flynn

Jack DeBrul

Preston and Childs

Clive Barker

Clive Cussler

Tom Clancy

Joe Hill (Stephen King's son)

Many many more !

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
Joe Hill is also one of my favorites. I read Heart Shaped Box and Horns....both very well written. Clive Barker is one I read when I feel like concentrating. I like him, but you really have to pay attention. Have you ever heard of Bentley Little? I really like his book, they are a little demented.....like me. :)
Rooster Cogburn
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Oh yes ! I've read some Bentley Little! He's good too. Just reading Joe Hill's new book : The Fireman ! So far. so good !
Karen aka Bailey's Mom
I did not know he had a new one out!! *grabs debit card and runs out the door*
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I like James Patterson.

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Karen aka Bailey's Mom
I like him as well, but I haven't read many of his works....yet.
Yin And Yang
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"Sam's letter's to Jennifer" made me cry like a baby. Couldn't put the book down. I like how he has a variety of subjects to choose from.
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When I tell people I LOVE horror fiction or science fiction novels, they seemed surprised to learn that I've never completely read a Stephen King novel! (I started The Long Walk, but never finished it!) But, I really like Michael Crichton and James Patterson, among others.

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