What 5 elements would your ideal book have?


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Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen...  Oh wait!  Wrong kind of element.


Visible Villain who gets comeuppance

Undeserved misfortune



Mystery (not necessarily Sherlock Holmes style, but subtle foreshadowing that keeps me guessing.)

That's six.  I can't count.  But hey, this isn't a math problem!

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Sex sex sex sex sex ihave to read about it because i cant have any

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LOTS of suspense! I don't like correctly predicting the end of books, but I love the reveal of sinister elements and surprises that I would never even think of!

Horror is one of my favourite genres, so a good spook will do! Not necessarily zombies or monsters, or whatever, but something that won't let me sleep at night!

Humour! I love comedic breaks :D

Technical stuff is awesome. I love when authors do their research, or they fabricate a new technology, or they add all these advanced terms that are unique to their world... Super cool!

Finally, I gotta have a lovable character! It doesn't always have to be the protagonist, or even the antagonist, but I love characters that I'll never forget!

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

1. Storyline

If it doesn't have a good storyline then I'll be on to the next book before you can say boring.

2. Good characters with personal struggles.

I like to see the character(s) struggle with their own demons and win especially when the tension is releaved by humor. A plot is boring if the character(s) don't learn something about themselves.

3. Plot twists

A simple linear storyline can get tedious. I like a plot twist that the character(s) have to overcome and in some cases, cope with.

4. Dark Settings

Not as in a "no light" type of dark but an evilish setting. Medieval or medieval fantasy settings work great for me.

5. Not So Happy Ending

Happy endings are a dime a dozen and far too easy to predict **cough** Hallmark channel **cough**. I like the character(s) to win but with a sacrifice to themselves or by a near impossible decision that is difficult to make.

Based on my idea for a book, you probably wouldn't want to be one of my characters.

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A main character that is strong as well as somewhat flawed.

Humor. I am one of those people who use humor in tough situations, and I like what I read to have some comic relief.

Twists in the plot. I hate anything predictable.

A storyline that moves along. I hate when stories get bogged down in boring, irrelevant stuff.

I like a book that transports me to a time or place.

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