What is the meaning of Mona Lisa??


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Besides all the things that have been said about and done with it, we’ have to mention that the painting has also been studied quite a lot and understandably so. It has been said numerous times that the painting consists of secret codes, messages and at some point it  was even suggested that poor Lisa is actually a man, presumably Leonardo da Vinci himself (at his prettiest, we guess). Today, these theories seem to be a bit ridiculous, but there is a certain nuance that’s still as intriguing as it was five hundred years ago, which is, of course, that little, barely visible, but strangely obvious smile of Lisa del Giocondo. Those who have witnessed this particular fine art masterpiece in real life always stress the inescapable gaze of the lady on the canvas, but the smile surely comes in as the second most inexplicable aspect of the famous artwork. Da Vinci being as devilishly clever as he was, created an interesting illusion that plays with our perception of the image. As we stare directly at Lisa’s mouth, it appears that she could be anything but happy, while, with our sight moving off to the other features of her face, it appears that the corners of her lips are turning upwards. This creates an impression that suddenly our heroine has given us a subtle smile, a smile that can only be experienced if you look indirectly.

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