Can you name someone you know personally that you'd describe as an "artist"? What do they do/make to deserve that title?


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Charles Davis Profile
Charles Davis answered

My sister, who is a painter, and has been doing oils since I can remember. I also have a son-in-law that is a graphic artist.

Didge Doo Profile
Didge Doo answered

I have a neighbour who describes himself as an artist, though the stuff he paints doesn't really talk to me. He's sufficiently adept to have given a number of exhibitions, but not enough to earn his living from it.

He's a very cluey computer geek.

Veronica Dultry Profile
Veronica Dultry answered

I am blessed with a few artists in my life. My best friend is a make-up artist. She's been doing it for 30 years. I have another good friend who won an Emmy and was nominated for her work on hair for Mad Men.

My daughter's best friend is a photographer. She had her first show over the summer. Many bought her work, and she has been hired for a few jobs because of her one show. I'm just thrilled to see her career taking off.

Our own Sincerity is an artist. She has some very beautiful oil paintings not to mention that cool lawn sculpture that she glues things that she finds when she's out and about.

Ravin Local Profile
Ravin Local answered

I have a friend that consider an artist. He can play a guitar like no one I've ever heard before, and build/ make/ fix almost anything you can imagine. To me, that's artistry.

PJ Stein Profile
PJ Stein answered

Quite a few. As far as I know my dad hasn't drawn or painted in awhile, but he was quite good. We had his art work on the walls growing up. He also used to do custom paint jobs on choppers back in the 1970s. His bike often took top place in shows. Hmm...I think I just got an idea for a Christmas present for him.

I have another friend who is a photographer. She has been entered at a few art shows.

Another friend just started painting. She went to one of those wine and painting places that is all the rage here. You go in and they serve you wine while giving you a quick painting lesson. Her painting came out fantastic! She has since bought supplies and has been painting on her own. She painted a tree in the corner of her living room with the branches going out on both walls that looks amazing!

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

Easy for me.  My daughter is an artist.  She is a writer, a really very good writer.  I also have something.  It's my photography.  I'm not as talented as my daughter but I'm a pretty damn good photographer.

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Matt Radiance answered

My mother and cousin and friends!

My mother is a writer, she doesn't like fame so she never done big works to become popular. But she wrote and writing so many short stories for magazines and represent ideas for shows.

My cousin is a painter! His work is unique! He can also do 3D paints as well,however he lost his influence on 3D work these days due gab and not doing it for a bit of time.

My friend Julia! She's a prefect make up artist and also having a good voice as she sings sometimes.

My other friend is also guitarist. Another friend of mine is also painter.

And well i have a group of talented friend and family member of mine! We are a band, these guys are amazingly talented, however we are all about to fall apart due personal problems of one of our members just the moment we're about to sign contract with record labels.

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