Why am I blue?


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Simple...blue is the color that you've chosen.

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I know, right? When you find out let me know, I'm the same.

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This question is impossible to answer without some information.  Personally, I've noticed that when we have lots of cloudy, rainy weather I find myself getting "blue".  There are any number of reasons why this could be happening. 

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A lot of people get blue this time of year.  So many people put high expectations for the holidays and it is almost impossible to live up to them. Others start missing people who are no longer in their life. The holidays are about friends and family gathering and if someone is missing from your life, the holidays can exaggerated that loss. Not to mention the people who feel lonely during the rest of the year. You see people getting together and you feel even more left out. Other feel blue because of money. They can't afford to give what they want to their friends and family.

One of the best things you can do to help counteract feeling blue, is volunteer somewhere. You not only get to be with others but you help others as well. Helping others always makes people feel better. Plus you get to make new friends. And if you are feeling blue because of money, it is often a reality check of how fortunate you really are.

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I did not mean I was feeling blue..............
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Hey, I get that. Blu (aka blue) is part of my name. Just remember as you are making light of the synonym, there are many people who do suffer loneliness and depression, especially this time of year.
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You ate a smurf

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