I'm building a character for some short stories and am looking for a strong name for him. In your opinion, what would be a strong name for a "lone survivor" type of character?


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I can think of a few that I know. Michael Howe, Kurt Austin , Nathan McBride, Wayne"Whack" Macomber, Bill Sievert, George "Smooth" Herres to name a few. Michael Howe was my cousin and a Green Beret in Vietnam and my best friend. He was a great soldier and teacher and we both would be honored if you used his name. May he rest in peace !

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Corey The Goofyhawk
Hey, thanks for your input! You may not be not be so honored if you read it. I'm not a very good writer, lol. In honor of Veterans day, I thank you and your cousin for your service! A thank you to the others you have named as well
Rooster Cogburn
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It'll be fine, Corey. I'm the only one of those men still alive.
Writer ReeRee
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Thanks for your service.

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