I love drawing, but I'm terrible at it, what should I do?


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-Love and favorites


-Circumstances and opportunities.

These are three elements that connect someone to a particular goal.

Sometimes it takes a little longer time for a person to find what they really built to do.

If you love drawing and you're not good enough in it. There gonna be two option for you.

1.Maybe you love drawing, but drawing is not what you really good at, you built for something else, you have another particular talent that you couldn't discover it yet, maybe there be something else you love or even something you never felt it before but as fast as you start doing it you'll see you're really good & you liking as well. And drawing would come as fun time that you spend your spare time on it and try to learn beside that other particular talent of yours.

2.If you feel too strong about drawing. Then it's fine,  so many people get a very strong passion with something that they're not so good in it, but your secret would be "Practice, practice and practice" Anything we decide to do, our body &  mind need to get matched and start working together. And that takes time, you need to be patient with yourself. Go forward step by step. Practice and really practice hard and don't give up, don't get bored, don't get tired that easily or you'll never be good at it. If you wanna be good at something you have to pay the price, sacrifice other things, spend lots of time on drawing, try to learn it's concept, feel it and find the seed of drawing within yourself. Pick up your favorite drawing category, sign for classes, search techniques online, start messing with papers and boards, repeat the same movements over and over & do practice daily. Doesn't matter if you sound too slow or like you're terrible as hell. As long as you don't stop and keep moving forward, you're progressing, don't lose your motivation and doing what you love until the day will come probably out of your notice that you find yourself a very good one at what you do.

Best of luck.

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Take a pad of paper with you everywhere, and practice. Start with simple things. If you see a bridge, just draw the bridge. Worry about the background later. Get shapes first, worry about details later

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There are books to teach you how to draw. Most art supply and hobby stores sell them. You can also check your local library if you don't want to spend money on one. Plus there are lots of YouTube videos that can help.

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Are you talking about Bob Ross? The guy who painted "happy trees"? I loved that guy! And yes he did pass away from cancer, 20 years ago!
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I bet you are better at it than you let on. Otherwise you wouldn't love it-  am I a tiny bit right? WHO says you're terrible, by the way?

Modesty is always good, but even that should be realistic.

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