How would you describe yourself with a poem? Short or long!


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

The Gamers Creed

Day by day
With my Doritos and Dew
I'll play my life away.

Sitting on this couch in isolation
These words I say aloud
"For my enemy, there is no absolution."

Many are the Dews that I will consume.
With this controller in hand
Several lives I will assume.

When all is said and done
And great is your fame
"I am your master,"
Sayeth the game.

An original poem by me, the Goofyhawk!

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Back in the 1980s I was having lunch in a city park, writing. I wrote two poems that day for couples walking by: An old couple and a young couple. When I read your question I realised that Mrs Didge and I have become that old couple. It's not much as poetry goes, but you'll get the idea.

Strolling in the park, he and she —
Aging, overweight, their bodies long past beauty;
Yet they dress with care and with colour,
Each for the other,
With affection.

In their minds—as a melody is remembered,
An orchestra imagined in the silence—
They perceive themselves
Not as time and weariness have tarnished them,
But as they were so many decades past
And will remain: their psyches fresh and young —
the husks alone have grown grotesque.

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Didge Doo
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Thanks, Sin. That's appreciated.

Of course since the verse was supposed to apply to me personally, and since I've fathered five kids who, in their turn have had another eight of their own (and of those, they've had another four so far) I suppose I should have chosen this one:

Mary had a little sheep
It went to bed with her, to sleep.
She found too late it was a ram...
Mary had a little lamb.

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