In fiction, it's not okay for the so-called protagonists to tell their allies who happen to be from a different race/species that they're inferior to them (even matter-of-factly), is it? And, no, the "protagonists" never learn not to do so!


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It's fiction ... The writer can do pretty much whatever they want.

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N. Harmonik
N. Harmonik commented
I think the other extreme works too. That they refuse to take advice from critics means that they shouldn't be a writer/actor either.
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
You know the old saying ... those who can do, those who can't become critics.
Frederick Fisk
Frederick Fisk commented
You see, if they don't take advice, they take a risk. So, they will either be sucessful, or not. For some people it's more important to write what they want, not what the masses want to read. And, if the writings hit home with a smaller audience, but are still successful, the better for the author.
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Certainly.  Fictional characters can have any traits the author assigns to them.  A good story usually has some mix of lovable characters and unlikeable ones as well.

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