I want to send letters to Canada and I'm from Michigan. Can I use U.S stamps or do I have to buy international stamps?


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Chandler Howard answered

The usps has "global forever" stamps, you shouldnt have a hard time finding them, just go to their website. Out of curiosity, where from michigan?

Or you could use canadian stamps

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Maurice Korvo answered

If you are mailing it in the US, you must use US postage (stamps). I believe first class mail to Canada is $1.20, but check at your post office.

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Tom Jackson answered

A letter can be sent to Canada from the U.S. Using International First-Class Mail for as low as $0.80 (as long as the weight of the letter is not over 1 ounce). Exact rates based on weight (and for destinations other than Canada) can be found at the USPS website:


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