When Was The Statue Of Prince Albert Put Up In Wolverhampton?


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Wolverhampton is a city in England.

In Wolverhampton, the statue of Prince Albert was put up in 1866. Prince Albert was husband of Queen Victoria and he died in 1861. Hence the statue was erected in his memory. The statue stands in Queen Square and is known as 'The Man on The Horse'.

The statue is notable for the fact that it was unveiled by Queen Victoria herself who was highly impressed by the efforts taken by the townspeople to create and erect the magnificent statue, which included a specially built archway, 40 ft tall and made out of coal; she knighted the mayor of the town John Morris.

The town market square where the unveiling ceremony took place was renamed as Queen's Square. A cannon won by the British forces during the Crimean War fought against Russia was originally displayed at the site where the statue of Prince Albert was erected.

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