I have a problem with kids playing/under my windows and also looking into and screaming into my windows (Living Room and Bed Room). The people in the rental refuse to do anything. What can I do so that I can have the privacy I so deserve?


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The parents are responsible for the kids, call the police on the parents for the kids trespassing. Tell the police you don't want them on your property anymore. The next time there's a similar problem, the parents can be held responsible. I bet that only happens once and you won't have the problem again!

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Ah yes, good idea! Hard to disprove good evidence!! :)
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I once had two boys come in my yard and pull the breasts off a snow woman I had made. I caught them, took them by the wrist and asked" which way to your house, cause your parents need to know what you just did"... they looked like they wanted to cry. So, I told them if they rebuilt the snow woman and never stepped in my lawn again, they could go without me following them home to tell their folks. They fixed her and left. She made it through the whole winter, til she melted!
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It's the kids that don't care if their parents get involved, the ones who worry me. It lead's me to believe their parents don't care enough about their behavior or have given up on them. Those kids are dangerous!
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Not much you can do. Some of these suggestions are funny but if you actually do them you'll be liable for injuries. You can't really call the police and press trespassing because it's not your property. Basically if the rental company won't do anything you might be stuck. 

Check the rights of renters in your state. I doubt this is something that hasn't been addressed in the law already. You might just want to start looking for somewhere new to live for when you contract runs out.

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First, put up a sign that says 'no trespassing, danger', then put thumb tacks on your window sill. E6000 glue will bond them for weeks. Let them get close enough and they will be sad they did. If you want to have fun and can plant a trip wire to an air horn... That will scare the little creepers down the street! You can get those at big hardware store and boat stores for not much money. Sound is a great deterrent... So are hurting fingers from thumb tacks!

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