What is the representation of minimalism?


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Minimalism is encapsulated by the concept that "less is more".

It's primarily known as an artistic school which started in the 1950s, and had "simplicity" as its core principal.

It's also a concept in various genres of music, where a minimal number of sounds or instruments, arranged in a simple structure, are used to create hypnotic repetitive sounds. Think minimalist house music like this:

As for what "represents" minimalism, I'm not sure that there's one defining work of art or piece of music.

In fact, all you have to do is look around the internet for signs of minimalism everywhere.. The use of icons on buttons, headline texts on websites.... Anywhere where you will find constraints in size and attention-spans, you will find minimalism thriving.

So maybe the internet itself is a representation of minimalism?

Or what about the social network "Twitter"? Each post is limited to 140 characters. How "minimal" is that?

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