How has communication with a pen friend changed?


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As much as I think, the communication with a pen friend has changed as before people used to write letters which took more time to reach their place compared with an email or something! So now some people or I don't know how many use net service to communicate instead of writing letters! But still there are many pen friends in the world!

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Communication with pen friends have changes
dramatically over the past few years.

In the past a 'pen' friend used to be what the name suggests: A friend that you communicate with via pen and paper. You would send them a written letter in the post, they would receive the letter and write back. Depending on where you sent the letter to, it could be many weeks until you got a letter back.

Now however, due to technological advances,
communicating with a pen friend can be pretty much instant. We no
longer use a pen and paper to correspond with pen friends, the majority of the time communication
is done via the computer.

Finding pen friends is also now a strictly "online affair", whereas before listings of available pen pals or pen friends always came in printed form.

I feel there are some positive and negative results
from this change to digital.


Personally I feel that there was something special
about receiving a letter from the post, as it gives you something to
look forward to.


  • You can communicate a lot quicker, the message
    will reach the person you are sending it to instantly.

  • It is cheaper, you don't have to pay for stamps.
  • You can have a two sided conversations that are more like real life - whereas mail correspondence doesn't really follow the same pattern as a real life conversation.

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