what is your favorite color?


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Silver and gold....silver and gold! Haha!

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Purple, the color of royalty :)

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Greens and blues really, specifically turquoise and teal :) and even forest green (Like Link's village clothing off the Zelda game).
Image showing colours I like :) and I like the image :).

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My favourite colour is red and has been since I was a kid. I think you usually decide these things when you're a kid, and growing up I was a big Nottingham Forest fan (my local football team) and they played, and still do, in red, and were known as "The Reds".

I like that red is a bold colour and stands out. I also like black, and I guess this is for the same reason. I never really liked pastel colours that weren't as bright or striking.

Other things I like that are red!

  • Lipstick
  • Leather. I love red leather accessories- purses, belts, boots etc.
  • Christmas! To me red is a very festive colour- especially red and green together.
  • Nature. Berries, apples, roses.. There are lots of awesome things in nature that are red.

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