What Does 'Stream Full Of Stars' In The Poem Leisure Mean? Are There Really Any Stars Like That?


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Well, by 'streams full of stars' the poet is referring to the stars that are reflected in the streams. The poem leisure talks about all the cares that we have in life and which don't let us find the time to appreciate the beauty of nature all around us. It is not a very symbolic poem and can be interpreted on the surface, since it does not have a deeper underlying meaning. So while describing the beauties of nature when the poet says ' stream full of stars', he means the reflection of stars in a stream on a starry night, which is a breathtaking sight.
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No he doesn't! He means the flickering sunlight reflected on the surface of moving water. "Streams full of stars".........and this is the real give away now...."in broad daylight". Try reading. Both of you! I dunno......

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