If you could have a super power, what would it be?


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David Shabazi answered

On a more realistic scale:

To shoot bolts of energy through my fingers. Incase of an emergency with someone's heart stopping, and if there isn't a nearby hospital, I can shock them back to life. I could also use that to charge up my cellphone and other electrical devices incase it runs out of battery life in a dire situation, let's say, a zombie apocalypse (Just kidding, more like going on vacation somewhere and forgetting to charge my cellphone beforehand).

On a non-realistic scale:

To freeze anything upon command. I actually really do wish I could do this in real life, but it's too un-realistic. In a room where people would find it normally cold, I'd find it hot. It's why I want to move out of California and travel somewhere that's much cooler in temperature.

In terms of there being a point to this super power, there really isn't much, besides cooling myself down to a low desired temperature, haha. Maybe if some hostile animal tries to attack me, I could summon a huge wall of ice to stand before me and protect me from any damage. Or give myself armour made out of liquid helium (-270 degrees Celcius) that maintains its temperature. There's lots of stuff I would do with that super power...

alyana jean babao Profile

I would like the healing and invisibility power,  so that when I'm hurt I can heal myself. Also when I turn myself  invisible I can know what kind of gossip they are saying about me!

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