What's The Best Book(s) To Buy To Learn Japanese? (I'm Thinking Of Moving To Live There)


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Japanese is a language easy to learn for some and more difficult for others. I entered the words: Japanese language made easy, into my Google search bar and was amazed at the pages of websites and other information available. There are over 92,000 choices related to the Japanese language, culture, art and so forth.

On Amazon.com you can find a book "Japanese Made Easy" by Tazuko Ajiro Monane, which costs $11.01 At Byki.com you can find free software to download. You can find College classes, a website called easyjanapnese.org, which even offers flash quizes online.

There is also a website named: 43things.com, which offers information from a person who now lives in Japan and he reveals some secrets on how to learn and live in Japan.

There are different Japonic language dialects: Western, Eastern, and so forth as in other languages.

Good Luck!

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