How to fill this plot hole? My book is set on a different planet but how do I explain that the species there speaks English? & how do I explain that they look just like humans? There will be actual humans later in the story so it has to be explained


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maybe its a personal reflection of our planet, ages ago the ancestors of the current generation were also the ancestors of the human race on earth. We are all just predecessors, lines of communication were severed, the alien species continued to evolve by their own means as well as human beings, but both foundations were still the same as we were from the same ancestors at one point.

Or maybe the alien species were the original ones to speak english, the first to look "human" and the human race we know on planet earth is just a mirrored reality, something thats almost virtual in a way. I dont know if that helps probably not but hey i tried lol

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Hmm....this is actually a mind twister.  I like it!

Okay, how about this!  The other planet is like a parallel universe of earth, maybe the inhabitants look like humans, but there may be something that is a bit different like a mark or something.  There could be a slave trade going on behind the scenes of the rich people and they get their slaves by going over the dimension lines to our earth to kidnap people and bring them to their 'earth' which of course would be another planet entirely.  And no one would be able to save them because no one would know (or believe) that a parallel universe could exist so no one could get to the other planet to save them unless they could find the 'door' or something that crossed into that other dimension.....

Okay, I've got to learn to stop ranting.  Hope this helps!  Good luck on your story!

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What if they had the ability to adapt to species for communications purposes. If they are a peaceful species even better, they adapt to survive so while they may not be homo sapiens when they meet one they adapt (physically and learn their language.) It would work if they are a superior species. It's what I would write.

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There was some sort of natural disaster on earth and many people had to move to a new planet to survive. 

They left some people behind (you could make this a random percentage of the population or maybe there could be some test that people had to pass to go to the new planet). The people on the new planet are an adapted version of humans, and English was the most common language amongst the people when they arrived, so it is now the one that they use. Good luck :)

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