Where can I find a manual for the elna lock L2 Overlocker?


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The good news is you can find manuals for the Elna lock L2 Overlocker, but the bad news is they aren't free.

Even photocopies or PDF documents of the Elna Lock manuals sell for a couple of dollars online, from sites such as

Seems kind of unfair to me that people are charging money to share information about manuals, but as many of these models aren't made anymore, the  manuals are pretty hard to come by - and these capitalists have realized this!

I also found a similar question on Blurtit which received a similar reply about a Elna Lock manual, so you are not alone. Might be worth a read as it goes into a bit more detail;


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skyler mcCoy
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look in the store in walmart
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OLX classifieds have this kind of stuff listed all over.
I know is a free site to find manuals on just about everything.
Also, have you tried their company website? I saw a few leaflets for free to download.
Some sellers and repair people have walk-in stores where you could probably negotiate a deal to copy what you need.
Sad. These were free and people toss them or easily lose them.
I'm a book person. I use sites that tell me where I can find any book within 250 miles of a zipcode. I've saved money by checking out libraries instead of paying hundreds for a book I need for class. There's got to be a way to find what you need without paying.
I know this isn't an answer you want but I'll keep looking for you if you want. Do you just need a manual for a specific type or are you troubleshooting?
Any extra info would help me learn what to search for. Believe me. If it's out there, I can usually find it. But I just dont know much about the subject matter.
Keep me up to date if you want to explain more to help me look or let me know if you found what you need.
Good luck!

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