i wish to become a writer... how do I go about it?


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Charles Ruiz answered

dig deep into your being until it starts getting scary...that's the first sign of a new beginning,,,a new awareness.....be a very keen observer of EVERYTHING......question everything....be an eternal seeker of truth while keeping a loving heart towards ALL THINGS....

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Ian Craven answered

I will help you become a writer... Lets chat... I write myself... Started writing a Novel. I keep a journal and record my thoughts and reflections on a regular basis.

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Zoe Cartwright , I also want to be an author, answered

Just write everything inspirational down.  Write what you love, sometimes it helps to just write short passages and expand on them later.  I am trying to write a book.  Good luck!

~A fellow Writer

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Adria Abbott answered

Try using sites like Wattpad and Quotev, to test if what you are writing interests your target audience.

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Andrea Leon answered

Write, write, write. If you're just starting off - try something like NaNoWriMo. Don't start by big dreams of being published. Start by writing/editing etc.

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David Johnson answered

practise , practise and practise. Share your works with somebody who always tells you the truth and try to work on your weak sides in writing. There are plenty of sites for writers where you can ask for the tips and common mistakes. Wish you luck with it!

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