How can I get a job in a game company as an animator?


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I'm not an animator, so can't really give you an specific tips - but my general advice would be to showcase your work as much as possible, get it out there on a funky-looking website, take part in different digital communities, and network with the right people.

I don't know if there's something equivalent specifically for animation, but I really like browsing Dribble when I need inspiration for digital or web design ideas.

If you want someone to hire you for a project, you really need to show them what you're capable of by putting it into practice.

Make use of social media to promote your latest animation project (Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are good for connecting with other professionals), and you'll soon see people commenting and taking notice of your work.

Also, going to gaming expos and conventions, meetups (I use to find relevant meetups in my local area).

Generally, people in creative industries are always on the look out for "hot  new talent", so in most cases you just need to make a name for yourself and devote some time to "marketing" yourself and it will pay off.

Where can I check out your work incidentally? I would love to see it!

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Sara Katerji
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thanks for the help . but there's some points i can't really do as my country sucks , there's not even places to learn animation (i might travel to canada or somewhere else to study animation) i'm 15 (soon 16) and i started working on animation by my own you can watch some in here i dont owe the character but the animations (videos you can see) are made by me , they're not something huge as im still a beginner and im learning on my own
im very thanksful for your help
Brandon Blumer
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What you can do is make an animation related to the company you are trying to get a job at, and show it ti them as part of a job application

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