I'm writing a story in which main character is a necromancer and I need a weakness for her. I was thinking that the necromancer powers took over and make her evil but I don't know, ideas? Btw necromancers can raise people from the dead.


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Ooo interesting question!

I like John's answer, very clever. Something like this would go down well.

Introducing a "fatal flaw" to your character always adds a bit more depth.

Maybe another suggestion would be "for every life that the necromancer restores, it must extinguish another in order to maintain the cosmic parity between the world of the living and that of the dead..."

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This story sounds very interesting! , maybe everytime she revives someone , she gets flashbacks of how the person has died , and this sometimes really scares her because maybe she finds a girl who was murdered and she revives her and goes through how the girl has died and she puts the pieces together , or she may have a limited revival number and everytime she revives someone a number imprinted on her hand goes down , and then she will die , but then she is in a world of the plague or something like the apocalypse and many of her friends fall really ill and she tries to save them but she knows it is limited ? , these are my ideas but I love the sound of your idea :)

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"Flashbacks that are painful"

I'm not fond of this idea if their is the possibility the character might become long term. Ideally a person will typically grow and become "stronger" either mentally or physically (frequently both) as a result of the problems they must overcome. This means as the story progresses, she would lose the flaw that made her unique and interesting as the imagery become easier the deal with and become a weapon. People are interesting when they have flaws and if the one flaw becomes a benefit, it was never a flaw in the first place.

I feel this idea would only work if paired with one or more other flaws that would remain.


I like this but it could possibility limit the term of the character. But if you want to make it a single story or create a definite endpoint it would be great.
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Her weakness is that she can not raise a loved one or loved ones from the dead. Only other people.

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Her weakness can be herself. She can't stand not being known as a necromancer.

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This sounds quite interesting! Although there are already many great answers, you can have her weakness be the people she raises up. In other words, when she brings somebody back, a part of her gets diseased, or when she brings them back, they obey her for a short period of time. After this short period of devotion, they switch to hate, and start attacking her until they maim her somehow. Kind of like a zombie! 8p

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Really cool premise, if not that every time she revives someone, someone else has to die then maybe ...maybe she feels how they died, the physical pain.

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How about she is defeated by pureness and true light?  Or when she dies (if she does) then every life is restored?  Or maybe to be good again she has to save someone's life?

Just Ideas.

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So interesting!  I'm looking forward to reading this book!

Anyhoo, if she's a necromancer, then maybe she could be weak towards light? Or holy light? Or maybe white magic?

Oooorrr.....if, while she's raising someone from the dead, that could make her vulnerable to attack from an outside force?  Or maybe if she's actually one of the good guys, then she could have a limit on how many times she can use her power to raise people from the dead.  So like each time she raises someone, it's taxing on her body no matter how long it's been since the last time she used her power and eventually it will shatter her soul or stop her heart or something.

Hope this helps!  Good luck on your book!  :D

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