I'm somewhat of an artist (for my age) I like "dark" type art. Or just weird and creepy, but sometimes I draw other stuff too. I'm starting to run out of ideas. Any requests? (I can draw pretty much anything)


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Draw those classic vampire or Goth manga/anime people. If you don't know what I mean, you can look it up. If you've drawn like a zillion of these, then try one with more interesting poses or with various types of clothing (ruffles, lace, you name it!). I personally like drawing those when it comes to drawing "dark" stuff so I don't know, maybe you'll enjoy drawing something like that too.

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A. Non
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Thanks. Great suggestion I'll have to try it :)
Evan Andle
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Among other things, I am a musician. Sometimes I go to this site of pics for ideas or inspiration: http://alphacoders.com.

There are many very dark, yet no obscene fantastic works of art there. If visual inspiration doesn't work for ideas for visual art, try audio: Go to Soundcloud.com. People post their own music there. Some is amazing. Try listening to tunes there by shbadr.
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I'd say enjoy some art/music/literature that inspires you, and then start drawing something based on that.

I used to be a bit of a goth in my younger years, and used to draw all sorts of creepy scenes in my school books.

What bands or movies are you into right now? Maybe there's something there that could get you started with a theme - and then just let your creative juices flow!

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