What motivation could an antagonist have in causing a disaster at a nuclear facility (for no apparent reason otherwise)?


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Revenge is a pretty powerful motive. Running with that idea, I've got a character for your nuclear-sabotaging antagonist:

He lives in the vicinity of the facility and has been campaigning to get the plant shut down. But when he (or someone he cares about) develops cancer - he discovers the facility is purposely exposing its neighbors to harmful radioactive chemicals as part of a top secret study.

Outraged, he sets out to shut the facility down.

You could then throw in a twist that he only realises at the very end that the trial the facility was conducting was part of groundbreaking research that could have actually developed a cure for cancer - and that, while unethical to test on people that hadn't consented, his actions now mean the entire thing is in jeopardy...

Hope that's given you some ideas anyway...

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