Can anyone explain the poem "In the street of fruit stall"?


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Surendar Selvam answered

The  world is engulfed in the darkness of war, misery and poverty. The same darkness is found in the fruit street. War and its horrors have shattered the human psychology to such an extent that different kinds of fruits look like bombs. In the dim light of lanterns they glow red hot or appear gold hot. Dark children symbolize insignificant of human life in the eyes of those who wage war and bring about misery to fellow humans.The situation is so grim that the moon and the sun have failed to perform their normal functions as a result of which darkness and gloom have enveloped the world. In spite of all this man's love for pleasure is still an integral part of his nature. The children are oblivious of their miserable living conditions. They buy different fruits and eat with relish. The juices wet all parts of their faces. The condition of the poet is, however, different. He feels sad at the present situation and has serious concern about the future.

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