Do you like going to the library?


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I love reading, and I'm a university student, so you'd think I would love the library. To be honest, I'm really not that keen on it!

Why I Don't Like The Library

I think the main reason I don't like the library is because I associate it with stress, deadlines and writing essays.

When I'm under a lot of pressure, with several papers due imminently, I usually find myself in the library because it's the place I'm least distracted. If I'm in the library, it means I've left everything to the last minute and it's suddenly got serious!

Why I Do Like The Library

I don't tend to use the library for finding books to read for pleasure (I've got enough of those at home to catch up on!) but libraries are an excellent place to go for information.

When I was a kid I used to adore the library, but since I've started using it as an essay-writing place, I don't associate the library with pleasure anymore. I don't borrow books for fun nowadays, either—I've got a huge to-read pile and a Kindle, so I doubt I'll run out of reading material any time soon!

I know a lot of people still do use the library for fun, though, and so they're great places for those who can't or would rather not spend money on books.

And, as much as I hate it, I can't deny that the library is a brilliant place for getting academic work done. Now, if only my university library had a coffee machine...

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Melinda Moore , Avid reader, lover of peace and quiet, answered

I used to love going to the library, in the days when you were expected to be quiet while you were there!

That's why I also loved academic libraries, with their little reading nooks, where you could stay tucked away in a corner - almost all night, if you chose, reading any of the thousands of books stored in the many floors of the library "stacks".

Now that libraries have become more multi-functional, though, I'm now one of the grumpy old devils who glares at the people hanging around chatting in loud voices, or typing too noisily on the computers provided at the main library where I live. 

And God help you if your mobile phone rings while you're in the library, and sitting next to me! That offence could earn you a glare capable of turning you to stone.

On a more serious note, my favourite-ever library was the mobile library van which used to visit the remote village where I lived some years ago. It came once every three weeks, throughout the year.

It only had a relatively small selection of books, but these were changed regularly, and you could order any book you liked.

Library van day was such an event in the village that the villagers all used to arrive ages before the van would turn up, and then they'd jostle to get on, and to choose their books.

For me, the best thing about the library van was that there was no limit on the number of books you could borrow at any one time - so I would come home with literally mountains of books, for me and my husband, and for my two children, both of whom were very small at the time.

I'd make both kids walk home afterwards, so that we could cram as many books into the littlest one's pushchair as we possibly could.

Luckily, the children would be so excited by the prospect of having new books to look at (and to have read to them) that neither of them ever complained, even when it was raining and took us ages to get home, because we all had to walk at the snail's pace demanded by a toddler who was still very wobbly on his feet!

If only I'd thought to make them a book playhouse like this, they'd have been even happier!

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It's a place to get books, and sometimes helpful advice. Sure.
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Yes Call me a nerd. I dont really care. But I love the library. It such a peacful place. I wish I lived there
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Shaheen Adam
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No, I would never call you a nerd i LOVE to go to the library too it is so peaceful and you can go on the computer and read books!
Melinda Moore
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I'm with you, on the idea of living in a library. I'd love it.
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Yes i like books , when i read i feel like im in a defferent world

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