If You Could Beat Up Any Fictional Character, Who Would It Be And Why?


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Popeye, for because him I've had to eat spinach. My brother fell for the show and I had to compete by eating more spinach, yet still I was unwilling. But Popeye would win anyways. He's ripped.
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Santa, who does he think he is anyway, keeping all of the elf's in those sweat shop conditions.
That chubby bastard still owes me a super Nintendo that is way over due :)
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Karen F.
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LOL! He owes me a stereo, too, the bastard. So give him a smack upside the head from me, too.
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I would beat up Venom for causing the death of The green goblins son just when he got cool.
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O I would beat the snaple out of god!!!!!and as for why......why not? You beat up a god and you get respect and feard^_^
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Hmmmm ... Fictional character I'd like to beat the snot outta. (Insert obvious Twilight joke here.)

I think the only one that actually moved me to violence would be that stupid bitch from Clan of the Cave Bear. I was so infuriated by the ending that I threw the book against the wall and refused to ever read any more of the series (or anything else by that author). Although, to be honest, it was more a case of wanting to beat the crap out of the author rather than the character.

Oh, oh, oh! Wait. I know!!!

That damned Roadrunner! I HATE that thing!!! I'd beat the ever living sh*t out of it, then tie it up and give it to Wile E. Coyote (Genius) as a present.

Yeah, that's the one.

Grrrr .....
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Jesus, for causing so much misery and bloodshed over the centuries, despite never having existed as a single real historical character.
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I would probably beat the crap outta that guy Bob Ewell from the book To Kill a Mockingbird because he's a racist liar who almost killed two kids and got an innocent man sent to prison which soon led to that man's death too...
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I would absolutely love to kick Ligh Yagami's a** like, you don't even know. I would also really love to beat up Ganondorf in the Zelda series.OH!! OH!!! And and Medusa Gorgon in Soul Eater because of what she did to her son Crona. (yeah, I most definitely think Crona is a boy)

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Umm I would probably do mellisa from baby looney toons on cartoonito. You would maybe think me a baby for watching that channel but my bros are 4 and 5 and watch fireman sam. We left the channel on then baby looney toons came on and i liked it. List of characters
Granny from Sylvester and tweety mysteries
Roy who is grannys mate
baby sylvester
baby taz ( the 1 who turns into a twister and is a brown sorta monster.)
baby bugs bunny
baby daffy duck
baby petunia whos a pig
baby melissa is a goose i think.
Baby lola whos a yellow bunny.
See ya! And watch baby looney toons

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