Do You Think Men Are Turned On By Thesbians, Or Comedic Straight Men?


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Personal exposure tells me they U put it "turned on", by straight comedians more. Ones like: Bill Maher for instance. Or is he gay too ? ( I don't think so) kidding. I tend to believe most people are "turned on" by any comedian that tells jokes that are similar to one's own life experiences. That's what makes me laugh more. But then...I'm NOT a man !! I Like John Stewart, too. Watch him all the time. And also a fan of "Stewie", from Family man. "Mom, mommie. Mommie, mom, mom, mommie, mom, Hi".  LOL
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Maybe I did. Sorry.
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Actually Jackyl...a "Thesbian" isn't a real word. I assumed U were talking about a female, lesbian comic, so I answered the way I did. Some people consider them a "thes(b)ian". When the actual word is Thes(p)ian., meaning something else all together. So what was your meaning anyway ?
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I think he was trying to be inscrutable as well as tautological.
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Do you mean thespians (actors) if no what is a thesbians
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A thesbian is a thespian with the 'p' inadvertently inverted.
A thespian is a man or woman who treads the boards for a living.
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Who said anything about lesbians?? Not all actors are rubbed-up luvvies you know.
---Mind you,most of them ARE!! :)
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I don't understand what you are trying to say. I know what the definition of thespian is. I cannot make any sense out your comments. In fact the question is nonsensical.
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Say what bro?
Look to the Skies and
You will find GOD's Miracles looking down
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Good Answer!! If in doubt completely ignore the question and say just what's in your head,brother!!
Appreciation for the good vibes.
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It depends which way the men are pointing,if you know what I mean.
It also depends which way the wind is blowing at the time.
Personally,I am NOT turned on by Kate Winslet,Helena Bonham-Carter,or even by Siena Miller.
But I AM turned on by Susan Sarandon,Geena Davis,Goldie Hawn,and Rachel Weisz.
So work that one out.

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