Do You Have A Favorite Stand Up Comedian Past Or Present?


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G'day Safarii,

Thank you for your question.

It was the late Richard Pryor.


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Michelle Phy
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Thankyou Keithold. He was an inspiration to many wonderful comedians now.
Mark Brookshire
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Yes he was the best... I hate that they don't show more of his show's on tv...It always Bill Cosby...
peter johnson
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Richard Pryor was fantastic ! His delivery and demeanor alone were marvels to behold,and I always appreciated how he got his audience involved [ the UK,the nearest we have is perhaps BILLY CONNOLLY] by telling rambling anecdotes with ad-libs thrown in.
I hate the comedians of today who just spit out one-liners one after the other and expect to get laughs. You need much more than that.
RIchard Pryor had real comic charisma.
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I gotta say George Lopez is my favorite comedian
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Richard was the best...Michael Winslow is very funny, he does a great Cheech & Chong. Which brings #3, Cheech & Chong - the best duo...Jeff Dunham is very funny with the hand puppets - I love Achmed, the dead terrorist. HaHa..."I'll Kill You!"...Only two women I know that made me laugh...Jennifer Elis Cox and Stephnie Weir...
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George Carlin, has always been my favorite.

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