What Is Your Decorating Style? Do You Prefer Traditional, Modern, Country Or Antiques? Or A Hodge-podge? What About Color Schemes?


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I like all styles so when I change I change,do not upgrade just do a complete change,it it looks like a new house.....smile  I have even mixed the styles up and believe it or not it works......
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We like the rustic look, cabin and wood appearance, we wanted to build a cabin on our acre of land, and put a huge loft, 4 ft. Fireplace, huge windows, to see the wildlife. Big dreams. Alas, we have this house, I love it, we decorate with a beautiful American Indian motif, and a blend of greens, blues, maroons, and natural woods. It feels so homey here. We sometimes hate to go anywhere because we love the ambiance. (No mosquito's either) lol
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I like the Country look.....My kitchen is reds, blues, and greens....Mostly earth tones...I have a 'barnyard animal' theme, everyones seems to give me
Roosters for my kitchen! But I have cows and pigs and a goose...Also some little song birds figurines, too...My dinning room is also country, but I have a big antigue hutch that we're trying to refurbish and finish.....it's pretty cool.
My livingroom has antigue furnishings, too. But I'm going toward just a little more like a 'Queen Anne' Style in there, not too country, or too fancy!
I'm still working on it...
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I'm old american. Comfy, come sit on me furniture. Wood. I strongly believe in not painting wood. If it looks nasty, refinish it. It may have come from the last tree. I have all old. Hurricane lamps, hand made quilts, nature inside.
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I'm a minimalist because we move countries at least once a year. As long as we have bookshelves and a comfy couch we are happy. I wouldn't mind an Americana theme, though.
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I love trendy, colorful, bright, modern furniture. It's just so cute. I love furniture from the store Yasmin, it is awesome. On the other hand, I also like the rustic, homey, log-cabin feel...two very different styles, but both float my boat. :) Deeni
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I love country with antiques. It's amazing what you can do with some old stuff...lol. My family room has a blue floral sofa and a pink wing back chair,kind of traditional style, but I have an antique sheet music cabinent, and an antique lamp that adds some charm to the room. My bedroom is very country, romantic with pink roses. It's done with Target's Shabby Chic collection.
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My bedding set is from target- it is deep blue and cream toile, with a blue bedskirt and curtains
my accessories mostly came from gordman's americana, or willow tree figurines
Mati green
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Target has the best home stuff...I love them.. Some of my red dishes are from target
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I love the more older European Stile houses. The colors I like though would have to be the bright one I am only 15 so I can not paint my own house but when i went to Europe some of my moms cousins had buttiful home with brightly colored walls and everything went together nicely.
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A mix of contemporary, and what ever hand me downs i can fit in.hahaaa

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