What Is Your Favorite Simpsons Quote?


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I always laugh when Homer says "Mmm" about something he thinks would be delicious to eat, and then starts drooling.
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terry rossignol answered
Mine is from homer simpson "doh!!!!" i love it!!! The second is from bart and it is "eat my shorts" hahahahaha!!!!
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'Doh' is really funny. It was actually added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2001.
terry rossignol
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really that is cool!!! i didn't know that!!!!
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Moe Pence answered
"Excellent"  (Mr Burns)
jack merbs Profile
jack merbs answered
"smitherz" as mr. Burns likes to say it..."excellent"...and of course homers "D'OH"...   i also like nelson when he blurts out with "HAA HAA"
for any reason, such as when he saw an owl, he said"HAA HAA, your nocturnal"!...
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martha answered
the episode where bart pranks calls the bar and asks for Amanda Hugginkiss, etc.  my husband cracked up and always was doing the same thing to me.
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Maxine Ryans answered
My favorite is when nelson says to any kid that hes bullying...MORON.
I'm not sure why but i just can't help but smile when he says that(:
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I've many of it, and most of them are Homer's
"D'oh" for sure or "Operator! Give me the number for 911!"

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