If You Were To Color A Picture, Would You Rather Use Markers Or Crayons?


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Chris ???? answered
Interesting question. I would have to say crayons. Markers can bleed. I just think crayons make a better picture.
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I prefer to use crayons because sometimes the markers tend to smear. Not only that but in my opinion crayons make it prettier.
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John answered
Well i use different colored pencils to draw with so i guess that would be equal to crayons. So i would use crayons.
I object!  i found these cool glitter glue pens at staples...that is what i would use....some even have confetti w/ clear glue.  elmer's makes 'em, non-toxic, $18.00 for 25.
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emma danish answered
At last a no food question ~(only joking) erm i would say crayons too you can make different shades with them in your picture and it won't smudge later
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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I only use food, because I know it, and you really would want me to ask about crochet and reading all the time huh?!
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Omer Butt answered
I would love to use crayons. Crayons give more artistic look & help pronounce more ourself in colors. How I wish we were taught proper drawing. It is really a good activity in summer vacations & there are no tutors in my area for that too.
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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You can always just draw what you want to draw, there really are no set rules to drawing your version of a picture. Draw away!
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Oh Oh Oh!!! I just went back to my childhood, how fun!! I would have to pick crayons!! Aw man, now I want to colour!! However I am still hungry!!LOL.
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Crayons! Of course a lot more natural, I've got what Indians call the Powers and markers do not feel right for some reason! Why? I don't know!

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