What Does Imagery Mean?


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Imagery has many different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In literature, it means the ability of a writer to paint a picture in the mind of the person reading their work. Symbols and words that evoke emotion are most used to get this effect and the best writers can do it quite easily. It also has many meanings in the medical field and can apply to technology that takes internal images of a patient.

Imagery can mean something as simple as thinking of something and painting a picture in your mind. Experiences in this world by humans are done through one or more of our five senses of smell, touch, taste, hearing, and seeing. The expression of any of these sensory experiences through words is the practice of using imagery as a tool. The word itself implies that imagery is limited to the description of images in the mind's eye, it not anywhere near that restrictive. Imagery is used by the best writers and poets invoke as many of the five senses as possible in the mind of their readers. Excellent examples of writers with a wonderful sense of imagery include poets like William Wordsworth and Alfred Lord Tennyson. Imagery is at the heart of the vast majority of poems and prose, as it is hard to keep a reader's interest if you do not engage their senses.

Imagery is not limited to English by any means, every language in the world employs some kind of imagery to better communicate. If you want to incorporate imagery into your writing get out a thesaurus and go beyond the normal words you use on an everyday basis. Some words just naturally lend themselves to certain situations and practice in this area will indeed make for word imagery perfection.
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Imagery is any fictional allusion to the five senses. Fundamentally, imagery in any words which generate an image in a persons head, such images can be shaped by applying figures of speech like similes, metaphors, personification and even assonance.

Edgar Allan Poe, Ezra Pound and William Wordsworth were said to be the masters of imagery. Imagery is even the expression applied to refer to the creation of any know-how in the mentality. It is basically a cognitive procedure applied by a lot of people.

While thinking of earlier or any future events, people normally use imagery. Research fields associated with imagery comprise of cognitive neuroscience and even sport, exercise, dance psychology. Study in psychology has revealed that imagery does not have combined biological basis in the human brain.
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Description set that appeal to any or all five senses
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