Who Is Noon Meem Rashid-A-Poet ?


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Our poets perceived a great influence from the western literature after the western education established itself throughout the world. This influence affected the norms and tradition of out poetry. Owing to all this we feel ourselves strangers to the modern era of poetry and we need to develop a new taste to enjoy this poetry and only at this condition we may evaluate this type of poetry. The trend of new poets to come closer to the layman is becoming increasing ably popular. To see the realities of life from a layman's point of view and depict it in this style is the basic characteristic of the modern poetry.

Noon Meem Rashid belongs to this genre of poetry. Another aspects of this poetry is a nation or country its scale is international.

Western style of verse is evident from the earlier poems of N.M Rashid, That's why he was inclined to open-verse later. Social problems and facts with their full impact can be seen in his last poems. Rashid has traveled through various stage to achieve this destination, therefore we see an evolution in his thoughts after going through all of his work. After his death his body was burnt not buried according to his will. Perhaps this was another innovation like the one he gave us in Urdu Poetry.

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