I Used Blue Chalk To Mark A Quilt. I Tried Lifting With Tape, Erasing, Rubbing, And Washing. One Fabric Is Still Holding Onto The Tint. I Don't Want To Damage The Fabric. What Do I Do?


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Chlorine and bleach is toxic, not sure about soda and bleach...but do know that bleach in any manner or form would have ruined a quilt that took nearly a year to make (thousands of handsewn stitches). Thank-you, logic, for speaking up.

I massaged detergent over every traced line, rewashed on gentle and dried on no and then very low heat. (My washer does not have the type of agitator that is too rough, so I lucked out).

Problem solved.

Merry Christmas.
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WD40 Will clean almost anything, BETTER THAT OTHER THINGS! Please go to their WEB site and look! I was dating a Super girl in Toledo and she bought a high dollar SILK western shirt to go with me, and it got stained, and SHE got WD40 out of her car and cleaned it before we went out!!!!! IT WORKS!!!
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I buy it just for that NOW!

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