What Are The Most Popular Practical Uses Of Knitting?


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Leisure time. It's fun to kill time with something that a person is fond of doing. To some people, they use the finished product for a gift, or for bed covers, or for blankets, or anything the knitter would designed it for.
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Having plenty of time at home on long winter nights, fishermen around the English coast used their knitting talent to make a garment that would stand up to their rough outdoor life. By knitting with very fine needles, they created a virtually windproof fabric. When completed, it is a seamless garment, the original navy-blue jersey or guernsey that is named after islands in the English Channel. It has never been improved on for warmth, protection and freedom of movement.

Typical on the South American scene is the hand-knitted poncho. It was the alpaca that provided the raw material for this original work and the inspiration for the knitted motif. Alpaca wool is very light and as soft as silk.

The hand-knitted item that defies even the spinner is the lovikka, the Scandinavian mitten. With thick needles, it is knitted in stocking stitch from unspun wool. The resultant weave provides such excellent insulation that a person's hands perspire even at temperatures of 30 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-34 degrees Celsius). Simple colorful embroidery and a tassel brighten up the natural color.

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