I'm 120lbs. I'm 5'3". How Can I Get A Dramatic Weight Loss Without Just Sticking To Dreadful Diets And Exercising? And Are 13 Year Olds Allowed To Buy The Slim-quick Drinks From The Stores?


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Water. If you stop drinking all other beverages and stick to water, you won't believe how much weight you'll lose. My friend stop drinking sodas and things and she went from a 14 to a 7 in 3 months. She's now a 4. Give it a try, it can't hurt.
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First of all...if you lose anymore weight you're going to be underweight and not to mention maybe anorexic. And no 13 year old can't buy any weight lose supplements...it says right on slim fast and all of those that you must be eight teen...and if not then to talk to your doctor...and I'm pretty sure your doctor will tell you know. So please listen to me...if you want to stay alive and healthy, do not go on a diet...if anything gain some weight!
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People, be kind! We live in a body obsessed country and at 13 I was concerned about weight too! At 33 I've got it figured out though! Good for you for asking question and being concerned about your health! I would advise against any diet pills, and slim quick! I agree with STOPPING drinking soda, they're FULL of sugar and do nothing for you! The best thing you can do to lose weight quick is UP your cardio even if you're just walking 30 minutes a day, walk FAST! And then stay away from salt and sugar! Join a team sport, or find a class, yoga, dance, just something to get you moving and feeling good! Put great music on and shake it in your living room! Who cares! Good luck sweets, 13 to 30 and beyond you'll look and BE amazing!
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13, aww.

Ok, try to cut all wheat and artificial sugar from your diet and eat more of fruits and veg and raw chilli. By wheat I mean bread, cereal, crisps and anything that say's wheat on the label. Then cut all sugar out, no sweats or any(white or brown sugar) sweetners.

Wish you all the best kid:-)

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Ok first of all you need to get over yourself and stop trying to get attention and your too young to worry about your weight and to young too drink slim fast
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You're still young.. But you can do things to make or lose weight effectively. You can try slimming pills at drugstores. Make sure it is approved by the government agency that regulates drugs there in your country. ^^

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