Why Don't Today's Young People Read The Classics In Literature Instead Of Just Waiting For/ If A Movie Comes Out?


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Fred Jones answered
Those kids who actually do read find that the writings are much more indeapth than the movies and most times, the movie does not portray what the writer was trying to get across. It is up to us as parents to get our kids to understand and read when they can.
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Robyn Rothman answered
Why did kids read that series of comic books based on the classics? Wht did we use Cliff Notes instead of reading the books? It's easier that way, and with the way everything has become so hurried, and the kids' activities are all on schedules, they don't have the time to sit down to read a good book. They aren't accustomed to sitting still that long. They probably think that stuff is corny anyway. Hopefully they'll have an English class or two for which they'll have to read some of the classics. I hated Ivanhoe when I had to read it in jr. High. I couldn't get past the language. As we got further into the story loved it. I agree with fdjones that if the parents read and encouraged their children to read, they just discover some great books.
Young people of this generation aren't trained to use their imaginations. Words don't translate into scenarios like movies do. Everything is automatic, instant,as in video games.We need to return to writing as opposed to computers and reading as opposed to movies and videos.

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