Do you like making funny noises? I do:) I like laughing for no reason and being hyper... Woo hoo!


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Ray Ottewell Profile
Ray Ottewell answered
We I must admit you get rather hyper when your chatting on line, so I rekon you would be fun and funny :)) Woo hoo.
Addilynn All Star Profile
There is this annoying noise I love to scream..and people get cheesed off by it..8) "Woopie Woopie"! Really loud and then watch their reaction...8) its cool!        And you should know that I'm known for my giggly fits..I fall on the floor laughing and nothing and serious situations really make me laugh ..LOOL and now I'm laughing cus I'm typing thiss! Heheheeheahahahahah ..its soooooo funnny!
Asian Dude Profile
Asian Dude answered
I am known for my sound effects.. Even when telling a semi boring story I'll throw in a few sound effects to enhance the story.. Lol
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
Oh my god me too! Haha I get the giggles when something important and serious is happening. Like during exams, funerals, church, and serious discussions haha:)
Janey Profile
Janey answered
Yep I usually make the sound of a funky bass guitar or the high hat of a drumkit lol.

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