Who gives a Employee promotion letter when promoting someone?


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This will depend on the company as it will really be down to the HR policies that are in place within the corporation.
  • If the company is very relaxed and informal, the employee may simply be called into a meeting room and told about their promotion. They may then just be handed an official letter outlining their new role and associated details such as salary.
  • The letter may be sent out in the post from a HR assistant or manager. The individual will probably already have been informed by their line manager or supervisor they have been given the promotion and this is simply a formality.
  • These days, as more and more companies are using digital means to communicate using email for example, the employee may even receive their promotion letter via email. The official letter may be within the main email body and then the new contract may be attached to the email. This will usually be sent from the HR department.
  • The letter should never just be left on somebody's desk or left with another colleague as this is a confidential letter that may include details of the employee's benefits and salary.
  • A promotion letter will always be handed to the employee by someone who directly manages them or from a representative from the HR department.

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