On the Scream 4 DVD advertisement, it mentions a pre-book. What do they mean by that?


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All the advertisement means by pre book is basically pre order; so place your order for the DVD before the release date and it will be delivered to your door on the day of release. I am not sure what country you are currently in, but some places, for example the Philippines, sometimes use the term pre book instead of pre order.

  • Why pre book?
Pre booking means that you are guaranteed your selected DVD on the day of release, regardless of whether stores sell out. This will also mean you do not have to get up early to get to the store just to make sure you can get a copy.

There will often be offers in place on pre book DVDs such as free postage, money off RRP or get a free poster. These offers are designed to boost sales in the first week when people may not be aware the DVD is out, and help it get into the top 10 releases.

  • How to pre book
There are many stores that offer a pre book service but as you do not mention where you are located, it is difficult to give exact online retailers. There are websites such as Amazon.com that are global and will deliver throughout the world from stores in your local area.

Alternatively you can go online to most well known retailers in your area for example Wal-Mart or Tesco. Even some eBay stores are now able to offer pre book orders.

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