Which Is The Number One Best Seller By Dr Johnson Spencer?


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There are many best sellers given out by Dr Johnson Spencer. And his work is appreciated all over the world. To add to his account the number one best seller would be "Who Moved My Cheese?" The story of "Cheese" when Dr Spencer first narrated to his friends, they realized how effective it is to keep up sense of humour and to achieve something better.

After two decade the story was well furnished and published. It did not take much time for the book to become the number one best seller. They printed around on million copies of the book within the first sixteen months and later as the demand increased they printed around ten million copies of the same book.

Some critics did not agree to the people who found the book valuable. Their view was that the story is simple which insults their intelligence. According to them a child can read and understand the book.

Dr Johnson agreed that both the critics and the fans are correct in their own different ways. He said that it is not how the story affects you but how you can evaluate and check weather in which way the story relates to your life.

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