If you could put your own ending on spice and wolf what would it be Keep it G rated guys and girls?


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I've never really been a fan of Spice and Wolf, so I'll have to give you suggestions on where you can ask people about what they think could happen at the end of Spice and Wolf.

  • Forums

Forums are a great way to get chatting to people online. You will find a forum for near enough every topic out there, so you should perhaps look for a television or movie forum to help you with this question. No doubt, on at least a few of the television and film forums out there, there will be plenty of Spice and Wolf fans. All you need to do is join the forum, by entering a username and a password. Once you've got your own user name and online identity, you will be able to start chatting online. You will probably need to make a minimum number of posts before you can make your own thread - so simply get posting and you'll soon be able to start your own conversation.

You can start your own thread by posting the question as a new title. Then, you'll get a whole bunch of other people of the same interests as you posting with their suggestions. You may want to suggest some of your own ideas, just to get the creativity flowing.

  • Chat rooms

You may find other chat rooms where you can talk to people instantly. You could probably find a topic on television, but you may be lucky enough to find a chat room that focuses solely on Spice and Wolf. In this instance, you should get involved! Introduce yourself to everybody and get chatting about what you think should have happened, and what you think other people may think would have been a good idea.

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