What backsplash and paint colour to use for dark cherry cabinets?


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Dear Anonymous Artist, Howdy, Coach Dave here and I work for The Home Depot.
As a fellow artist I like to refer to the "Colorwheel."
This handy tool has always helped me with choosing color.  Of course personal taste or home themes like: "Victorian, Cottage, Tuscan, or even Modern" are looks that have tried and true color variations.
I would recommend a lighter color of the green or tan side.  This will keep the look warm and not detract from the deep cherry color.

As for the backsplash, I would recommend using a different texture like glass, mosaic tile accents, or even distressed light green or tan.

If you use tan walls, the green backsplash might look good and vice versa if you paint the walls light green, then choosing the backsplash distressed tan might work for a balanced look.

I hope this helps you,
Coach Dave

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